Serengeti Altitude & Geography

The Serengeti stretches 14,763 (5,700 sq miles) stretching North to Kenya and bordering Lake Victoria to the West. The park is part of a much larger eco system which includes the bordering Masai Mara National Reserve, ( located south east Kenya). Serengeti covers a larger area of approximately 25,000 sq km, equivalent to 9,700 sq miles.

The two major rainfall seasons typical to Tanzania also loosely apply to Serengeti, with the months from April to May and September to November seeing brief rainly spells nonetheless accompanied by hours of sunshine. The terrain in the park is typically open grassland and rolling hills, punctuated by a non-seasonal Mara River ( scene of the migration crossings) and seasonal riverlets.

Some basic geographical facts are as below:
Altitude: 1,480–2,280 m approx (4,900–7,200 ft);
Rainfall: 85 mm (3.4 inches) per month;
Temperature range: 12–31 °C (54–87 °F).