Entry Gates to Serengeti

Measuring 14,763 square kilometers, Serengeti National Park is a spread over a large area and therefore has several entry gates to access the park. Using the correct gate during your trip to Serengeti can save you hours of additional driving. Below we have a list of the main gates at the Serengeti National Park along with basic information on which lodges and camps are closest to the various access points. As for entry and exit timings, the entry timing is 6.00am and exit timing is 6pm, after which the gates are closed. It may be possible to enter or exit beyond these timings in exceptional cases with the permission of the Park Warden, for example in case of a vehicle breakdown or maybe adverse weather causing road closures.

Serengeti National Park gates are well distributed at most convenient and popular places that lead to the park. If one chooses go to Serengeti by road, they can access the reserve on its 6 gates which are distributed to favour all guests entering the reserve at any point.

Naabi Gate

Naabi Gate is located on the eastern part of Serengeti National Park and is one of the most commonly used gates. The gate is situated just a few kilometers from the eastern Serengeti boundary with Ngorongoro Crater, on top of one of the only hills in the region with amazing views of the endless plains. The Naabi gate is an administrative checkpoint that houses both TANAPA and NCAA offices. At the gate, you may pay for and get permits for both the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater, and it serves as both an entrance and departure point for both locations.
Among other amenities at the gate includes a coffee shop, and a regular shop with souvenirs, maps, and food.

Naabi Gate is only 1 hour drive from Seronera area and 30 minutes drive from Lake Ndutu and the Olduvai Gorge Museum. The best lodging options near this gate includes Naabi Private Camp, Namiri Plains Camp, Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge, Asanja Africa, Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge and Ngorongoro Wild Camp among others.

Fort Ikoma Gate

Fort Ikoma Gate is one of the official entry and exit gates of Serengeti National Park. It is located on the North western boundary of the park, a few kilometers south of the entrance points of Grumenti game reserve and Robanda settlement. At the entrance there is a security office, stores, restrooms, and TANAPA administrative offices, where tourists can pay their park entry fees. Payments at the Fort Ikoma gate are done electronically using debit and credit cards that are internationally accepted.
Seronera area is only one hour drive to the gate, Butiama is two hours drive to the gate and Mwanza is 4-5 hours to the gate. The best lodging options near fort Ikoma Gate includes Ikoma Tented Camp, Ikoma Wild Camp, Osinon Camp, Grumeti Migration Camp and Mapito Tented Camp.

Klein's Gate

Klein's Gate is located on the north eastern part of Serengeti National Park, mostly used by travellers from Loliondo game area which is controlled by the indigenous Maasai. Tourists using Lobo airstrip and Klein's Camp airstrip can use the Klein's gate to access the park. The best lodging options near And Beyond Klein's Camp, Buffalo Luxury Camp, Sayari Camp, Taasa Lodge and Africa Safari Serengeti Bolongoja.

Ndabaka Gate

Ndabaka Gate is located on the western part of the park, along the Musoma-Mwanza highway. It is the most preferred and frequently used gate due to its proximity to Mwanza. Ndabaka gate is located close to Lake Victoria, approximately 2 hours’ drive north of Mwanza in Tanzania’s north-western area, and close to Seronera, about 2 hours’ drive east of Mwanza. Tourists can pay for park entry fees using debit and credit cards that are internationally accepted. The best lodging options near Ndabaka gate includes Ndabaka Campsite, Little Okavanga Camp and Speke Bay Lodge among others.

Bologonja Gate

Bologonja Gate is located on the northern boundary of Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve, just south of the Kenya-Tanzania border. Bologonja gate is the only gate in the north with a ranger’s post, and it is located in an area with a few subterranean springs that lead to the rivers.
The Bologonja gate serves as both an entrance and departure point, and it also serves as an information point, a rest stop on the way west to Kogatende, and an entry point to the Masai Mara national reserve. The best lodging options near Bologonja gate includes Angata Migration Camp, Lemala Mara River Camp and Taasa Lodge among others.

Handajega Gate

Handajega gate is located near the park’s south-western edge in Mwanza town, a few kilometers south east of Ndabaka gate. Because it is adjacent to Kirawira B airfield, Mwanza airport, and Musoma airport, Handajega gate is accessible by both road and air. Before entering and exiting the Serengeti National Park, you can purchase and have your permits verified at the Handajega gate. The best lodging option near Handajega gate includes Kirawira Serena Camp, Nomad Serengeti Safari Camp, And Beyond Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge and Mbalageti Tented Camp among others.

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Flying Safari package to Serengeti are convenient due to the short one hour flight versus the 5 to 6 hour road journey from Arusha. Flights to Serengeti being readily available, a flying package safari is possible to book for most Camps and Lodges. Flying to the Serengeti is also recommended for those who want to enjoy game drives in open sided safari vehicles.

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